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 Assisting Owner Operators with their freight needs, logistics and operations 

   Every trucking company, large or small, has occassional periods of time when their regular freight slows down for various reasons.   Too many of these downtimes will affect your income in a negative way.  

   One viable solution to this problem is to let us set you up in our "Power Only" system to give you a back up plan to utilize in order to keep the wheels rolling when you just simply cannot afford any lengthy down time.   This alternative plan can be used when your regular freight schedules are not working out too well and may eventually turn out to be a permanent position for some or all of the trucks in your fleet.

   There are no leases or contracts involved, which means you are able to  "opt in and out" at any time.  You furnish your tractor, driver and run under your authority.  We furnish all trailers (53' dry vans) , freight, and operations to keep your fleet running on timely and consistent schedule.  There are no broker fees or trailer fees.  We provide all trailer upkeep as well as any road service necessary, at no cost to you.  You are paid by direct deposit within 48 hours of delivery and submission of paperwork.  All trailers, frieght, operations and payment will be provided by one of the nation's most successful premier companies.

   Four guarantees that can be made with this plan:
    (1)  Freight volume----we have as much or more freight than anyone in the country.
    (2)  Compensation-----you are paid immediately upon delivery and submission of paperwork.
    (3)  Quality support----you will have 24/7 support from operations, road service and administration personnel.
    (4)  Individual attention will be given to you and your employees.  You are important to us and will be given the highest
            respect and service you deserve.  We will attempt to save you time and money on every aspect of your business, 
            including insurance and communications.

   Review the benefits section on our website and then give me a call to answer any questions, provide you with additional information and get you set up on this plan to get started when you are ready.  Remember, there are no fees involved in this process. 

    Call us at the following toll-free number:      877-803-5589


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